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End the unfairness of official bilingualism. Stop wasting our tax dollars.

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240Christmas wishes and videos2014-12-20
239Another Kilroy video2014-12-17
238Did Calgary school board break procedure?2014-12-12
237Awareness needed desperately2014-12-07
236APEC, Quebec and videos2014-11-22
235Immigration to be a tool to spread French says Fraser2014-11-20
234Why MUST fire chief be "bilingual"?2014-11-18
233Stop French on English school signs in NB2014-11-16
232Bring Back Ballot Box Voting2014-11-13
231Manitoba next2014-11-10
230Way to go Bob Hurter!2014-10-16
229Bilingualism bonus scrapped and more2014-10-12
228Reevley and more2014-10-08
227Our Mission2014-10-03
226To open or not to open; that is the question2014-10-01
225Lack of city support for its tax base2014-09-29
224400 years so more money2014-09-25
223How can they NOT know?2014-09-24
222This insanity has to stop!2014-09-09
221Fraser attempts to explain2014-09-07
220Egan nails it!2014-08-30
219Is speaking French useful?2014-08-26
218Fraser has done it this time!2014-08-22
217SURPRISE! AFO wants Ottawa officially bilingual2014-08-21
216Same old bigots still pushing French agenda2014-08-13
215Keith's videos, history and more2014-07-27
214Have you noticed the trend?2014-07-21
213Ron Coleman's book a must read and more2014-07-20
212We must support those who fight back2014-07-20
211Matthew Glen RIP2014-07-19
210History of English Montreal School Board2014-07-19
209What is a Francobank?2014-07-12
208$600 MILLION/year for 4% of population sounds fair2014-07-11
207Big problem with signs warns Gerry2014-07-05
206Bob asks PM WHY French 1st on your plane?2014-06-29
205Equalization payments policy2014-06-28
204Bill 205 and another Liberal majority2014-06-15
203Mayor Watson is clear once again!2014-05-26
202Mandate and Sanity AND Videos2014-05-17
201RN Cameron on warpath!2014-05-15
200PEI next on agenda and Keith video2014-05-09
198Councillor responses to CLF letter will shock you2014-04-30
197Making Ottawa "officially bilingual"2014-04-22
196Dear Mayor Watson2014-04-15
195Anthony says it's a very sad day in Canada when..2014-04-08
194Montreal City Hall hiring les maudit Anglais2014-04-07
193Eric says STOP explaining away OUR rights2014-03-31
192K. Mcl tells Conservatives about Merit vs Language2014-03-31
191The majority are second class citizens in Ontario says Ruth2014-03-31
190ACFO uses tax dollars to promote French agenda says GP2014-03-31
189ACFO gets too much of MY money complains EL2014-03-31
188Barry tells PM NO REPRESENTATION means NO TAXES2014-03-31
187A plethora of pleas to Mr PM2014-03-31
186PKP no financial genius as portrayed2014-03-26
185Hit the translate button!2014-03-20
184It's a start, small though it is2014-03-20
183Just when we thought...2014-03-18
182Francophone Organizations in Ontario Report2014-03-09
181Refocusing on Quebec2014-03-06
180Oh Canada WHO stands on guard for thee?2014-03-02
179Et tu CANADIAN Tire?2014-02-23
178Alberta Court Tosses Language Case2014-02-21
177French first, English second in New Brunswick2014-02-04
176Dot tells PM that New Brunswick looks like Communist Russia2014-02-02
175OC Transpo bilingual stop announcement a farce2014-01-28
174Niagara Falls battling language issues too2014-01-28
173Neil demands PM to do away with language legislation that is divisive2014-01-23
172Quebecs' Maladies2014-01-11
171English businesses under attack AGAIN from Quebec government2014-01-10
170Not ANOTHER French university!2014-01-05
169City of Ottawa candidate responses2014-01-01
168Anglophone Affairs Needed Now in NB2014-01-01
167French zealots say Francophobia on rise2013-12-29
166Supreme Court hypocrisy runs rampant2013-12-23
165Christy McCormick's thoughts from Hong Kong2013-12-21
1641.5 Billion not enough says Quebec2013-12-19
163French Language Service Act = government promoted RACISM2013-12-15
162Independence of the Commissioner: A Done Deal2013-12-13
161"Bilingualism" Costs Ontario BIG bucks2013-12-11
160Ken wonders about Quebec becoming a Necropolis2013-12-10
159Barry Irvine's Thoughts from NB2013-12-05
158FIP complaint forwarded to Speaker of the House2013-12-02
157MP stands firms and faces down French zealot2013-11-29
156Complaint over flag at Ottawa U2013-11-26
155Standing Senate Committee on Official Languages2013-11-25
154Rally for Gervais family2013-11-21
153Integrity Commissioners steals democracy2013-11-19
152Official Languages Commissioner REFUSES to investigate2013-11-19
151World of English Freedoms no accident2013-11-18
150CLF/LFA corner Minister of Official Languages2013-11-18
149Proud BRITISH history once again ignored2013-11-16
148New Brunswicks brewing language war2013-11-16
147CLF and UNITY join to protest treatment of vet in HULL2013-11-10
146Quebec said NON so Canada is NOT bilingual2013-11-09
145Institutional BILINGUALISM = Government RACISM2013-11-06
144The push is on in Durham2013-10-29
143Durham shuts down Language designation2013-10-27
142CLF applauds the Town of Durham2013-10-27
141Durham Report2013-10-27
140Bigotry and Bilingualism in Manitoba2013-10-26


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