Canadians for Language Fairness

End the unfairness of official bilingualism. Stop wasting our tax dollars.

Article ID Article Link Date
388CBC - The Story of Us2017-04-23
387April 20 planned rally for OB Ottawa2017-03-27
386M-103 + Ottawa's Mayor being intimidated2017-03-25
385Two Important Reminders2017-03-21
384Several Items Of Concern2017-03-21
383St. Pat's Day Lunch + John Trent2017-02-26
382The Holy Grail2017-02-24
381Court Challenge Program reinstated + Bill M-1032017-02-12
380Dialogue Canada Pushing2017-02-03
379Kim & Howard's Smorgasbord2017-01-31
378Prof. Robson Joins The Battle2017-01-30
377Justin's Faux Pas2017-01-27
376Now Is The TIme2017-01-20
375A Local French Paper Closed Its Doors2017-01-18
374English Schools being hollowed by French Immersion2017-01-14
373Canada's public servants stressed by language tests2017-01-02
372PM Trudeau says NO to French activists2016-12-27
371Failure of French Immersion with comments2016-12-17
370CLF thanks the Ottawa City Council!!2016-12-08
369French Pressure Groups Never Quits!!2016-12-02
368Official Languages Consultation - October 20, 20162016-11-21
367CLF Christmas Luncheon 2016 Videos2016-11-19
366Two Words: Automatic Translators2016-11-08
365Ernest Semple - Anglo Quebecer's story on the Official Languages Policy2016-10-25
364The Official Languages Consultation - October 20, 20162016-10-25
363French Language Services Commissioner of Ontario2016-10-17
362Christmas Flyer 20162016-10-13
361Responses to proposal to make Ottawa Officially Bilingual2016-10-12
360Bilingualism in Ottawa: A Francophone Says No2016-10-12
359Thank Letter To Mayor Watson2016-10-04
358Official Bilingualism for Ottawa + Education concerns in NB2016-10-04
357Why should Ottawa be officially bilingual & not the Gatineau (part of NCC)2016-10-04
356Justin says Canada has NO core identity2016-09-23
355Bilingualism and Duality in New Brunswick (video)2016-09-15
354Christmas Afternoon - November 13, 20162016-09-08
353Quebec's Fanatical Language Industry2016-09-04
352Prof. John Robson discusses "Official Bilingualism" for the City of Ottawa2016-08-21
351Bill S-205 wlll artificially increase the number of French-speakers2016-08-14
350Supreme Court to be "functionally bilingual"2016-08-07
349The Official Bilingualism policy must be abolished2016-08-07
347An old soldier's story2016-08-06
346Anglo Rights' Moncton bllboard causing furore2016-07-31
345Important message from Brian Lilley2016-07-30
342Elsa Scheider - Why Optimists don't always do well2016-07-25
341The Charter of the English Language - Dick Field - 20132016-07-20
340Equalization Payments - Excel spreadsheet - 1957 - 20152016-07-19
338Treasury Board 2013 - 14 Anglos & Francos in public service2016-07-16
337Graham Fraser says Bilingualism nothing to fear - Mark Bonokoski disagrees2016-07-16
335Population by mother tongue and age groups: CanadaLanguage Statistics2016-07-16


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