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19 September 2013

Support For Lowell Green

Mr. Green:

Please waste no time in publishing your book regarding a friendly breakup for Quebec and Canada. Like most English speaking Canadians I have long since given up hope that Quebec and Canada can ever really coexist as a unified nation with fairness for all. Anyone who has travelled to Quebec can plainly see a great cultural divide that cannot be bridged without total submission by one party to the other.  Of course that will never happen. Both Quebec and Canada should pursue their separate identities and destinies. A forced marriage simply does not work. A respected voice like yours can help ease the inevitable breakup with wise counsel and a common sense approach.  The present bickering and growing animosity must not continue. The angry foundling must be encouraged to seek the destiny it wishes. Canada has nurtured it long enough.

Orlin Olsen

Winnipeg MB.


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