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Thursday, March 6,  2014

Refocusing On Quebec

Much to everybody’s disgust, we are forced to refocus on Quebec!!!  That province appears determined to want attention all the time - to the extent that they will do anything, say anything to become the focus of everybody’s attention.  From making themselves look & sound ridiculous to making themselves the object of hate - which, I might add is growing by leaps & bounds.

I am only sorry that there are so many English-speakers & non-French speakers in Quebec who are caught in this frustrating situation but they have to admit that the Rest of Canada (or more accurately, the Most of Canada) is sick & tired of being sent to the wringer so often in the last 40+ years.  We have tried to give them a lot of sympathy that they have allowed themselves to be treated like 3rd class citizens - something they have not fought hard enough against ever since Confederation.  Most of those who object to the mistreatment and could see the future of what was in store for them have taken the easy way out - they left!!!  Over the last half century, at least a million people have left, making it easier & easier for the xenophonic French zealots to become increasingly rabid.  I do not want to blame those who have left - it is the easy thing to do - I would have done the exact same thing myself under the same circumstances!!!  It is the human  thing to do - to run away from problems.  Mind you, there were those who fought and fought hard but they were too few and far between to be very effective.  So the current situation is the result of a very natural human thing to do - to run away.  Having said that, the situation is now too far gone for anything to be done to correct it.  The French have been brain-washed for over half a century to believe that they were very badly treated by the conquering English and believe very sincerely that Quebec belongs to them and ONLY them!!  No amount of reason & no amount of BLACKMAIL is going to change their minds - they absolutely believe that English-speaking Canada OWES them and whatever they can wring from us, they will do so.  They don’t have ANY qualms about making us pay & pay & pay till we get angry enough to say - STOP!!!

What really puzzles me is that there are STILL many Canadians who believe that we should CONTINUE giving Quebec everything they demand - for the sake of keeping the country together!!!  You should listen to some of the callers to CFRA - they absolutely want us to continue with the status quo - unbelievable!!!  I’ll attach some links from CFRA & if you have the time, do listen.

One CFRA host has changed his tune from about 10 years ago when he wouldn’t even allow callers to say anything about the Quebec issue - he used to call people like us “bigots”, “racists”, etc. etc.  He has now turned around 360 degrees and totally accepted that the situation has gone far enough.  I guess you know who I’m talking about - he has just written a book where he says that Quebec should be allowed to leave and it can be done quite peacefully & amicably!!!   Listen to his show From February 27, 2014.

He has been challenged numerous times by people who keep saying it cannot be done & much to his credit, Lowell is at least very consistent now and anyone who calls any of his shows will get the same answer - Canadians are getting very tired of Quebec’s bad behaviour and are ready to let them go.  He now accepts the fact that the Indians in the north and the Anglos in the south (especially in Montreal) are not likely to acquiese.  However, what can they do?  They are not able to challenge the Marois govt. and all the other parties are just like the PQ, to a lesser or greater degree.  The Liberals are definitely willing to keep Quebec the focus of Canada’s attention & Justin Trudeau has NO hesitation to say that the French should be in charge of Canada as they are a superior group!!!  The Liberals are getting more and more popular so don’t be surprised if they win the election in 2015!!!


Other hosts like Rick Gibbons disagrees. Today on Rick Gibbons’ Lunch Bunch, Rick is joined by CFRA’s Rob Snow, and Assistant Professor with Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business, Ian Lee.  The latter has NO hesitation in saying that Canada is ready to throw in the towel. Anyway, feel free to disagree - your opinion is totally welcomed!!!


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Keith B.’s videos are getting more & more interesting - here’s his latest on the capitulation of the Feds to Quebec, again, and On the Plains Of Abraham are on the home page

All of his videos are on our web site on the comments page and the PDF page. 

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RE:  St. Patrick’s Day Brunch - Saturday, March 15, 2015 - from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm

We are looking for donations for Door prizes - anything that you have which are still in 1st class condition & which have been sitting in your cupboard unused are welcomed.

There is a suggestion that we will set up a recording corner at the lunch where you can record your views on what’s happening regarding Quebec - we want your views. 

We also know that the French groups are working very hard to make the City of Ottawa officially bilingual & we have to stop them because with just the City of Ottawa Language policy, they are powerful enough!!  With the status of Official Bilingualism imposed on the City of Ottawa, watch out Ottawans!!!  More on this attempt in the upcoming messages.

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