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End the unfairness of official bilingualism. Stop wasting our tax dollars.

"Why should the City of Ottawa become officially bilingual and not the ENTIRE National Capital Region which includes Gatineau?"

Press Release - October 2, 2016

Why is it that only Ontario residents who will have to pay the exorbitant cost of Official Bilingualism and not the Quebec side of the National Capital Region?  

Canadians for Language Fairness spokesperson, Beth Trudeau, would also like to know if Ontario taxpayers are now having their health and education tax dollars diverted to fund lobby groups such as Bilingual Ottawa.  According to Ottawa Sun, Jon Willing September 27, 2016 at this link: the Montfort Hospital, La Cite collegiale and two French-language school boards sponsored the survey that Bilingual Ottawa are promoting,.

With regards to the survey itself, Mrs. Trudeau questions the actual question used in the survey - why is it not reported in the article referred to.  “If someone asks me if bilingualism is “a good thing”, why would I say NO?  Of course speaking more than one language is beneficial and such a question predispositions the answer to be YES.  Nick Nanos knows that very well.”  However, she adds, “If someone asks me if FORCED bilingualism is a good thing, I would say absolutely NOT, especially at a cost of 2.4 BILLION dollars annually!  We have all this technology.  I can ask my phone a question in any language, and my computer automatically translates for me, so what is the REAL reason they are pushing for making Ottawa only, (NOT Gatineau, which is part of the National Capital Region), officially bilingual and forcing Ottawa taxpayers to have increased taxes for a service already provided?” she asks.  

 French organizations in Ontario greatly benefit from thousands of tax dollars that are handed out, mainly through the Trillium foundation; money that allows a minority of approximately 4% of Ontarians, to organize so they can lobby for an agenda such as this.  Mrs. Trudeau wonders what Canadians for Language Fairness would do with $30,000 every year.  “Canadians for Language Fairness could pay for our own surveys and get very different results than this lobby group got.  We would be able to pay our people who currently are volunteers, to work all day and to lobby the politicians the way the French organizations do, using our tax dollars.  Considering that the last survey from the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages cost taxpayers a whopping $52,665.69, CLF can only dream as most of the funds we raise go to help pay legal fees of victims of Forced bilingualism.” 

Canadians for Language Fairness would like to thank Mayor Jim Watson and the other ten (10) Councillors who are already on record with CLF, for standing firm and saying, "NO".  CLF challenges Bilingual Ottawa to release the names of those Councillors they claim to have committed to the YES side.

Canadians for Language Fairness encourages all City of Ottawa taxpayers to contact your Councillor and make sure to register their vote.


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